Groff Murphy


Groff Murphy has demonstrated experience in labor and employment law. Employers face some of their greatest challenges from within their own company - their employees. The number of laws that companies must comply with is staggering: Title VII employment, the ADA, the ADEA, the FLSA, the NLRA, WARN, the FMLA, the Davis Bacon Act, the Drug Free Workplace Act, as well as a whole host of state laws that both mirror and contradict the Federal laws. Lawsuits ranging from hostile work environment and sexual harassment to breach of contract are common place.

Groff Murphy can help guide your company through this morass of confusing, and sometimes conflicting, laws. Our attorneys are experienced in all aspects of employment law, including defending against all types of employment related claims such as wage and hour claims; breach of contract; and wrongful discharge. We have been successful in enforcing non-competition and confidentiality agreements.

In addition to employment issues we are experienced in guiding companies through a wide range of labor problems, such as disputes/violations with State and Federal labor agencies, negotiating labor contracts with unions, and advising employers on their labor relations with various unions.

In performing our legal services, we keep our firm's primary goal in mind: providing the highest level of service while understanding the cost of legal representation. We will take a case to court when necessary; however, we are very experienced in utilizing all types of alternative dispute resolution from mediation to arbitration to resolve disputes through the most efficient means possible. We also offer our clients preventive counseling by examining company practices to make sure that they comply with the most current version of employment and labor laws and offer seminars on a wide range of topics.